Theresa Seagraves
With more than 18 years of experience working in workforce development, career development, total quality management, information systems, and high technology, Theresa Seagraves became a recognized leader at Hewlett-Packard for creating innovative, world-class data and people-development systems.   In 2001, Theresa established her own consulting company, Theresa L. Seagraves & Associates (TLSA). Theresa works full time consulting with clients on ROI evaluations, conducting ROI studies, and coaching organizations and individuals in aligning and communicating their financial value.  Theresa has filed for a U.S. patent for software that tracks ROI, penetration, sustainability, and best practices gained from workplace learning and performance initiatives.           Theresa has written newsletters on personal success as well as case studies on ROI and creation of training scorecards.  Theresa lives near Denver, Colorado. She is married to her high school sweet- heart. They have two wonderful children. In her spare time, she attends her daughter’s marching band competitions, her son’s baseball and basketball games, takes classes in her community, keeps up with extended family, and finds ways to bring laughter to each day.   Theresa may be contacted at [email protected]. Her website is