Timothy Brock

Dr. Tim Brock is the Director of Consulting Services for ROI Institute, the leading source of ROI competency building, implementation support, networking, and research.  As the ROI Institute’s Director of Consulting Services, Tim provides helps organizations implement the ROI Methodology in over 60 countries at more than 5,000 organizations.  He teaches all ROI Institute workshops, to include the five-day ROI Certification workshop, and is invited to speak at international conferences, most recently at China. Tim also serves on the faculty of the United Nations System Staff College at Turin, Italy, training program and project managers around the globe how to integrate the ROI Methodology into their Results-Based Management strategies.  He is also a faculty member at Capella University at Minneapolis, Minnesota where he teaches a graduate course on the ROI Methodology and mentors doctorate students to apply the ROI Methodology as part of their terminal degree final research project.  He is also on the Editorial Board for the peer-reviewed Performance Improvement Journal of the International Society for Performance improvement.  Dr Brock also facilitates the following ATD classroom and online certificate courses:  Evaluating Learning Impact, Measuring Return on Investment, Essentials of Survey Design, and Essentials of Statistics for Talent Development Professionals.

During his Air Force career, Tim was responsible for assessing, measuring, and evaluating the effectiveness of the missile launch officer initial qualification training programs for all five of the USAF’s Inter-Continental Ballistic Missile (ICBM) weapon systems.  He also commanded nuclear launch operations facilities for two ICBM weapon systems.  Tim was also a key team leader for the Air Force’s reserve officer commissioning program curriculum redesign that is used at 148 colleges and universities across the country to prepare officer candidates for 21st Century leadership responsibilities.

While at Lockheed Martin, Tim managed their Science of Learning and Performance team for global military, education, and healthcare learning and simulation training solutions.  Tim was also the lead human performance systems architect to convert NASA training from a skills-based to a competency-based model for NASA’s next generation of extended, deep space exploration missions to the moon and Mars.  This strategy included the initial training, evaluation, and sustainment program for all managers, mission equipment maintainers, ground and mission controllers, and astronauts.  He also served as the lead in-country human performance system architect for a new 911 National Training Center (NTC) for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and designed an education and training solution using results-based management, monitoring, and measurement principles.  This included development of initial qualification and sustainment training for emergency call operating center leadership, staff, and first responders across the kingdom. 

Dr Brock earned his PhD at Capella University in Education with a specialization in Training and Performance Improvement.  Tim’s publications include “Training NASA Astronauts for Deep Space Exploration Mission: A Research Study to Develop and Validate a Competency-Based Training Framework” (2007) and Simulations Operations, Curriculum Integration, and Performance Improvement in the book “Healthcare Simulation: A Guide for Operations Specialists” (2016).  His latest journal article was titled, Performance Analytics: The Missing Big Data Link Between Learning Analytics and Business Analytics. Tim can be reached at [email protected].