Vivian Bringslimark

Vivian is more than a GMP Compliance Trainer. 

She is also a qualified Performance Consultant who strategically aligns client project solutions to site objectives and business needs.  After receiving her HPI in the Workplace Certificate from the Association of Talent Development (ATD), Vivian became passionate about improving organizational structure, systems and processes.  Because, she believes that automatic re-training is not the only “fix” for repeat human errors and performance discrepancies. 

As a Performance Consultant (rather than a Compliance Trainer), Vivian utilizes her deeply developed set of consulting and facilitation capabilities in the multiple roles of performance analyst, change manager, solutions specialist, and evaluator during HPI (human performance improvement) projects.

Vivian’s mission is to partner with middle managers and senior leaders who are in search of performance improvement for operational errors, quality system deviations, training related corrective actions and / or who have future business initiatives that will involve changing On the Job Training Requirements.   She believes performance improvement is a shared exchange between employer and employee.  In her role, she collaborates with all levels so that a mutual exchange occurs and an end user adoption successfully transfers back on the job.

She can be reached out [email protected]

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