Waleed Marwan

CLO (to be)

L&D is my Passion.

Currently L&D Manager with a demonstrated history of working in Organization Development , Human Resources and Sales in the pharmaceutical and Medical devices industries.
Skilled in Organization Development, Talent Acquisition, Talent Development , Training , Performance Management , Life Coaching, Negotiation, Communication, and Account Management.
Passionate in Training & Coaching.


  • SHRM-CP : Certified Professional from Society of Human Resources Management
  • ACC : Associate Certified Coach from International Coaching Federation (ICF)


Personlaity Styles:

  • Gallup Strength factors : "Achiever, Includer, Responsible, Woo, Positive"
  • Enneagram : Type 2
  • HBDI : 1122 (Blue and Green)

My Life Mission Statements:
- Learn, Empower and Develop People through Training.
- Inspire positive change and Encourage others to believe in their capabilities through Coaching.
- Create , Impact and Contribute today , to Leave my legacy Tomorrow.
- To raise kids who are Confident, Respectful, Self-reliant, Responsible and Cooperative.
- For my Family and Friends , do everything I can to make sure they are happy.


My objective is to take responsibility. If there is a person who is emotionally bound to follow through on all promises - then it's me. My strong ethical principles do not let me to simply write missteps off on excuses and rationalizations. It holds true no matter how small or large is the issue I am dealing with. 
My name and reputation depend on my being responsible for my commitments. That's why people love to have me in their team. When assigning new responsibilities, they look at me first. They are 100% sure that what'll get on my desk - will get done no matter what.

My objective is to act and to initiate action. I cannot wait until the discussions are over, wondering when we can actually start doing something. Undoubtedly, sometimes the progress could be achieved in a meeting room, but deep down in my heart I know it's the action that leads to tangible results. 
If some can be resistant to act because they don't have full information, for me - acting is the best teacher and the best source of information. How can you know something does not work if we haven't tried it? You make a decision, you take action, you look at the result, and you learn. 
As the result, I are impatient for action and, if not managed, it can lead to confusion of team members. It's all because I believe that I will be evaluated by what you get done, not what I say or what I think.

Self Believer:
My objective is to bring confidence. While I might not know what the future is going to bring, it does not disturb me. Somewhere deep in my mind and heart, I know - no matter what happens, I will go through it. This inner confidence and self-motivation allows me to take risks, able to meet new challenges, able to stake claims, and, most important, able to deliver.
My confidence applies not only to abilities but also to judgments. No matter what the situation, I seem to know what the right decision is. In eyes of others, this creates a feeling of certainty, which is crucial for driving decision making process in any team.

My objective is to develop people's potential. Contrary to what others might think, I believe that every person has the potential for development. None of the people have achieved the ultimate level of excellence - there is always space to grow. I perceive it as a personal mission to help others utilize their potential and to experience success. 
As the result, I look for ways to facilitate their learning process - from challenging their thoughts in a discussion to creating environments which would facilitate learning process. I am one of those leaders that really care about the development of team members and they really appreciate it.

Story teller:
My objective is to communicate a message. I am always in search for a perfect phrase and powerful word combination to attract and to capture the attention of the audience. That's why people love listening to me. 
In your mind - the presentation and communication are everything. Strong communication skills make me a great addition to any team - be it for inspiring team members to act or for presenting the output of my work to external stakeholders.

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