Wendy Axelrod
Wendy Axelrod is a globally recognized author, executive coach, and mentor. She has helped organizations substantially increase their development results, working directly with thousands of people. Her distinctive expertise is helping mentors and leaders become exceptional at growing the talent of others.
Axelrod is the author of M ake Talent Your Business: How Exceptional Managers Develop People While Getting Results and 10 Steps to Successful Mentoring (an Amazon bestseller). With 20 years of experience in mentoring programs, Axelrod’s second book, published by ATD, has been identified as the most complete and practical guide for mentoring success.
Her works have appeared in “SmartBrief on Leadership,” The American Management Association’s Moving Ahead, Leader to Leader, Leadership Excellence, and books such as The ASTD Management Development Handbook. Axelrod speaks at conferences, including regularly at ATD’s International Conference & Exposition, the Conference Board, Human Resource Planning Society, and HR Summit Asia, as well as corporate events.
Contact her at [email protected] or www.WendyAxelrodPhD.com.