William Fisher

 A Information Technology Professional specializing in Training Develpment and Talent Managment. I have a unique set skills for the IT professional industry today. My personal BIO incompass family, school, and experience. I've been happily married for 33 years. We have two daughters. I started my career before entering my senior year of high school. 

I have a computer repair, install, and troubleshooting backgroung that afforded me a successful begining in my early years of technology. These experiences were gained from 1981-2006. However, In 1993, I started a computer services company and successfully won contracts that provided my entreprenueral experience by fire! I had up to 7 employees. After 5 years providing computer services to small to large organizations, I transition to a Networking job.

Computer Networking was a step upward in the broader arena in the computer networking services which I became a Computer Network Technicain from 1993-1998.

In 2003, I started a company to address the demand for Information Technology services. After providing consulting services for computer refresh projects and marketing SharePoint collaboration services from 2003-2008, I accepted a instructor position at Kaplan University to instruct at a former local college in Towson, MD called TESST College of Technology. This was my first teaching job in 2008. I worked  at TESST for 5 years and received my BS Information Technolgy from Kaplan University in 2012 as the first instructor to receive a BS degree from that location. 

I furthered my career in the instructing and training industry by accepting a position with Inratek, Inc and then ASM Research (ASMR) at the Veterans Administration( VA) as a remote training. Training the IT Help Desk front line Tier1 for handling customer service calls and troubleshooting. I worked for ASMR at the VA for 2 years.

After working at the VA for 5 years training, I stayed on the path of training. I continue to work for Allstate Careers in Baltimore instructing Computer Applications. However, my interest in instructional design became a mission since 2018. 

In addition to a BS in Information Technology, I have a Masters of Divinty. I am a Pastor in the African Methodist Episcopol Church since 2017. I have been married for 32 years with two daughters 20 and 16 as of 2021.