William Treasurer

Bill Treasurer is the founder of Giant Leap Consulting, a courage-building company, and the author of the international bestseller, Courage Goes to Work. He is also the author of The Courageous Leadership Training Guide, the world’s only off-the-shelf courage-building training program, and his courage-building workshops have been taught to thousands of executives in eleven countries on five continents.

Bill’s newest book is The Leadership Killer: Reclaiming Humility in an Age of Arrogance, which he wrote with Captain John Havlik, retired Navy SEAL.

Upon release in 2017, Bill’s book A Leadership Kick in the Ass became the top-selling leadership training book on Amazon. It focuses on the importance of leadership humility.

Bill is also the author of Leaders Open Doors, which helps leaders shift from selfishness to service. Notably, Bill donates 100% of the royalties he receives from the book to programs that support children with special needs.

For over two decades, Bill has designed and delivered leadership and succession programs for emerging and experienced leaders from such organizations as NASA, Saks Fifth Avenue, Lenovo, eBay, UBS Bank, Spanx, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs.

Prior to founding Giant Leap Consulting, Bill served as an executive in Accenture’s change management and human performance practice, eventually becoming the $35 billion company’s first full-time internal executive coach.

Bill is a former Captain of the U.S. High Diving Team and performed over 1500 dives from heights that scaled to over 100 feet. Bill attended West Virginia University on a full athletic scholarship for springboard diving, and earned his Master’s degree from the University of Wisconsin, Green Bay.

Bill’s most important roles are that of husband to his wife, Shannon, and father to their three beautiful children, Alex, Bina, and Ian.

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