Brandy Agerbeck
Brandy Agerbeck of writes, speaks, and teaches on the power of drawing as your best thinking tool. She celebrates 20 years as a graphic facilitator, mapping out her clients’ complex conversations in live, large-scale drawings. Her 2012 book, The Graphic Facilitator’s Guide: How to use your listening, thinking and drawing skills to make meaning, quickly became a bible of the field. Agerbeck follows this much-loved volume with her new book for every visual thinker, The Idea Shapers: The power of putting your thinking in your own hands. Cultural analyst Patricia Martin calls it, “A new alphabet for the visual age.”  Blending her experience in speaking, teaching, and facilitating, Agerbeck delivers interactive, customized keynotes and workshops. In her engaging and productive sessions, she demystifies drawing to develop everyone’s thinking skills so participants can learn more easily, reduce overwhelm, communicate clearly, and think critically. You can see her in action in her 2013 TEDxWindyCity talk, “Shape Your Thinking.” 
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