Branka Van Der Linden

Branka van der Linden is a highly experienced business leader with a business administration and international law background.

She is the founder of Meaningful Synergies, a holistic business consulting, events, and training company, and former AML Compliance & Innovation Director at regulatory technology company. Branka is also a bestselling author, facilitator and country leader of Points of You Cyprus and co-founder of the brickenz online learning platform. She provides mentoring to startups and is a Knowledge Partner for MarketNext India.

Branka is a certified HR development agency trainer and a founding member of several organisations, including WICCI Cyprus-India, BPW ESC Cyprus, and the Asian-African Chamber of Commerce & Industry Foundation. She has received numerous awards, including Best Business Services Woman of the Year Award 2022.

Branka is passionate about lifelong learning and values high ethics and integrity in business. She speaks multiple languages, including Greek, German, Russian and Spanish.

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