Cammy Bean
Cammy Bean accidentally became an instructional designer in 1996 and has since collaborated with hundreds of organizations to design and deliver training programs. She’s worked at small startups, mid-sized training companies, boutique e-learning shops, and as a freelance instructional designer. An English and German studies major in college, Cammy found an affinity for writing and making complex ideas and concepts clear to an audience.

In 2009, she helped start up US operations for Kineo, a global provider of learning solutions. Originally Kineo’s VP of learning design, Cammy is currently a senior solutions consultant. In this role she leads the North American sales team, supports clients through the initial discovery process, and manages custom client accounts to help organizations meet their strategic business objectives through better learning solutions. So yeah, not only is Cammy an accidental instructional designer, she’s now also an accidental salesperson.

An acclaimed public speaker, Cammy gets fired up about instructional design, avoiding the trap of clicky-clicky bling-bling, and ways to use technology to support lasting behavioral change. You can connect with her on social media in all the usual places—there aren’t many other Cammy Beans around.

Cammy is into hiking, kayaking, trail running, swimming, the occasion[1]al triathlon, cooking, eating, reading, and photography. She’s also been a potter, a licensed massage therapist, a quilter, and more. Cammy lives in Massachusetts with her husband, Jon, and their three teenagers, Nate, Eliza, and Kiki. The Beans all agree that their favorite family member is their dog, Mona