Candy Sugarman
The first thing to know about me is, yes, Candy Sugarman is my real name. More about that later.

As a passionate Instructional Designer, I thrive on taming chaos and turning complex concepts into understandable and actionable learning material. My 15 years of experience running multiple businesses have provided me with the perfect foundation for transforming knowledge and best practices from Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) into engaging courses that elicit learners' magical ‘a-ha!’ moments.

With expertise in Articulate Storyline 360 and Rise360, I specialize in crafting engaging eLearning solutions tailored to diverse groups, ensuring the development of professional competencies. I also have extensive experience designing and developing instructor-led training (ILT) with well-crafted facilitator and participant guides.

My decades of experience as a business owner uniquely position me to understand and address your training needs, ensuring projects are managed efficiently and stay on track and within budget. Collaborating closely with stakeholders and SMEs, I transform business requirements into effective training solutions.

I'm a proud foster dog mom in my spare time, having helped over 60 dogs find their forever homes. I'm also passionate about empowering women through self-defense and enjoy activities like reading and gardening.

And in case you were wondering, Candy Sugarman is indeed my real name! It was chosen by my father, who thought it was cute and never considered that I would want to be taken seriously one day. Nevertheless, I'm proud to be the only Candy Sugarman in North Carolina, where I reside.

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