Cherry Collier
Cherry A. Collier, Ph.D., is an organizational psychologist, strategist, executive coach, and diversity, inclusion, and belonging consultant for Personality Matters, Inc. Her science-based approach and brain-based techniques, propel people, teams, and organizations to build bridges and work from the inside out to achieve their goals.

Dr. Cherry specializes in emotional intelligence, neuroscience, leadership development, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion. She received her Doctorate and Master of Science in Applied Social/Organizational Psychology from the University of Georgia and Graduated Magna Cum Laude from Spelman College.

She is the author of more than 25 human behavior related books for leaders, executives, and coaches. Dr. Cherry is often called the DEI Whisperer because she has a unique ability to fiercely “hold the space” and be totally present, which creates a psychologically safe environment that allows others all the space they need to fully express themselves. She listens to others with head, heart and hands approach so that they are heard, seen and understood.