francesca romana Vender

Francesca Romanais an experienced team and personal coach  since 1993 working with Big Companies for more 3000 hours with individuals and group facilitation. She knows 30 Brands/Business like Telecommunication, PharmaceuticalFinance, Mechanical,Fashion, Business School, , Hotels, Public Administration,Tv, Luxury.

 In her programmes, she uses methodologies like  E.I.,Bio-Energetic, Voice dialogue, Immunity to Change, Transactional Analysis, Gestalt, 360^ Feedback, IintentionalChange. She is certified with MBTI® OPP Europe (MayersBriggs Type Indicator ed HoganProfileAssessmentThese are Psychological Diagnostic Instrumentsfor talent management skills.

She is  certified as a professional coach MCC - ICF.

Her clients enjoy her coaching approach as it is very focused (with heart) both on being more mindful and combining emotional-intelligence and a practical action plan. The approach she uses helps people to have a basis for inspiration, to explore their own leadership, her/his own immunity-to-change-system, engage in dialogue, challenge others, and create new conditions to manage their changes. . She engages people’s hearts and minds and help direct energy, individually and collectively, toward a desired outcome.

Targets areExecutive, CEO, COO, CIO, Property, Middle managment.  Shehasalsoworkedfor 15 years  in twoTraining Companies. Politecnico of Milan Cefrielisin Milano whereshewasresponsiblefor the designingand providingaprofessionallyskilledworkforcefor the ICT sector.

She is Organizational Psychologist and is part of the Faculty of the Business School in Italy,specialist in in Organizational Behaviorand ChangeManagment.