Guy Wallace
Guy has been an external performance improvement consultant for all but 3 years since 1982, specializing in performance-based instruction, curriculum architecture design, ISD processes, Qualification/Certification performance testing, ISD staff development, and non-instructional performance improvement efforts such as re-design of recruiting and selection systems criteria, and pay of performance tests and administrative systems. He is the recipient of ISPI’s Honorary Life Member Award (2010) and an inaugural member of ASQ’s Influential Voices to Raise the Voice of Quality (2010). He is the co-founder and current President of ISPI Charlotte, and has served as President of ISPI International (2003-2004). He has been a Certified Performance Technologist, CPT since 2002, and served as a Director on the ISPI International Board (1999-2001). He has been a speaker at over 35 conferences (since 1985), has published over 12 books and has been published over 80 times in numerous professional publications since 1984. You can connect with him via his web site at or via email at [email protected]