Linda Salazar

I have been an instructor/trainer/facilitator since September 1996, and I absolutely love it! I earned my Virtual Trainer Facilitator Certification in order to make my courses available to those outside of San Antonio. Learning this new skill set has been challenging but rewarding. It has freshened up my approach to training, and I enjoy using it to help others achieve their goals.

At CHRISTUS Health, I do education consulting on projects, helping to support their success by advising on the level of training that is needed for both end users and support staff. Recently, I stepped into a leadership role and will be overseeing training programs across the enterprise.

At Learning Linda, I created an online course for managers, new trainers, and SMEs to help them quickly train their own employees. It launched in October 2017 and is available on This course offers an inexpensive, readily-available option for those who don't have time, money, or professional training resources available.