Mehul Darooka

Mehul Darooka is an accompalishd Management Development Professional. With a strong experience of 15 plus years behind him, Mehul holds a  Masters in Manageemnt Science, Masters in Commerce and Post Grad Diploma in Business Management. He is a certified DISC-PPA Practitioner, a popular Psycomteric tool and also a certified TTT ( Train The Trainer). He has transformed lives of 20000 plus people as a Trainer for Soft Skills and Leadership programs for Multinational and reputed companies like Suzlon Energy, Loreal Cosmetics, Greaves Cotton, Fujitsu, Force Motors, Trimble, Everwise and many more. He is a Film writer and has received accoldaes for his short films made, by many reputed bodies. Mehul is an accompalshed Author with 2 books on Entreprenuership in the market available on platforms like Amazon and other leading offline and online markets. His second book is in its 3rd edition and his 3rd book a Romantic thriler is set to release soon. Mehul has also been vising a lot of colleges and schools for sessions on Talent Management, Trainings, Customer relations, Sales and Business Development.