Michael Martin

Senior Leader experienced in increasing productivity, profitability and stakeholder value. Experienced in the creation and enhancement of training programs and their related systems as well as establishing formal processes. Continuous improvement mindset focused on optimizing critical business processes and ensuring consistency in training and development.

Highly talented leader of organizational and team development programs with more than 20 years of experience in strategic alignment and training program development. Strong understanding of e-learning software, learning methodologies, team building and change management. Expert at influencing change by analyzing business needs, working with cross-functional teams, and building effective programs to address program deficiencies. Strong track record of meeting organizational objectives and exceeding productivity and revenue goals while identifying and mitigating possible risks or issues.

Experience partnering with internal organizations and their leaders to develop training systems and programs to improve across the board performance and ensure management success that translates to revenue realization. Focused on understanding client needs and expectations, providing effective solutions, and utilizing cross-functional collaboration to drive manager and employee buy-in, in order to optimize a clear vision to achieve organizational objectives. Highly creative and analytical provider of solutions and innovative approaches.