Moustafa Hassaan

Learning and Development Manager at alfanar Organization. 

MA Education and Learning Innvovation, South Wales University.

FCIPD Certified. 

MBTI Global Certified.

ATD Expert Coach.

Alfanar Toastmasters Club Presedent.

CBT, REBT Certified Coach, International Transformation Academy. 

Clearly, my beliefs are polarized from the saying "Innovation is completely different to Invention."

That's why a massive number of talents are rapidly attracted to a specific business environment. 

I believe the high-performance team born when a healthy workplace exists, which is revealed from the right organization culture, whereas valid soil to plant seeds and water them to get the innovation. This will be lead to the high-performance team, where many corporate endeavor to attain.

Over 20 years of experience in learning and development I have been working in many roles. Trainer, facilitator, mentor, coach, and team leader as well as a manager to collaborate and drive success. 

I have specialized in Education and learning innovation. I have designed many programs, curriculum, and training strategies for individuals, business owners, institutions, and organizations. 

In addition to being a top-notch facilitator, I was managing the BBSA the largest training program in Egypt for more than 10 years. 

I have my unique experience due to working in vast versatile learning and development environment; companies, center, schools, universities, and corporate, which boosts my critical thinking and decision making. All of these places I had my real friends and teams alongside love and respect. 

I believe whatever number of working years in any field not the indicator to a great experience, yet the innovation is an inevitable factor for success, and simply here is the focal point of my business strategy. 


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