Shawna Alloway, APTD

My passion is helping people reach their highest potential. I am fascinated by the strengths and talents of people and by their individual stories. I am curious by nature and am at my best when researching and learning about a new concept or idea and creating a way to share that information with others. I am energized by "Wouldn't it be great if..." and "Won't it be great when...." thinking., I thrive in a collaborative team environment where ideas can be heard and discussed without judgment. I enjoy the evaluation process to determine if implemented changes achieved the desired results. Colleagues know me as a loyal, trustworthy and dependable leader; a deep thinker who is also highly creative, energetic and positive; and someone who is not easily discouraged.

In addition to an APTD credential, I hold a BS degree in Human Resources Management from Bellevue University, Omaha, NE, Associate degrees in Human Services and Business Administration, and a diploma in Management from Central Community College, Hastings, NE.

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