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Sometimes You Have To Be The Hero

Published: Friday, July 13, 2018
Updated: Monday, July 16, 2018

Are you the Hero Your Team Needs?


Many times in my leadership journey, I’ve been tired, had a rough week and been ready to go home.


But when you’re the leader, it’s not that easy. Sometimes, you have to step up and be the hero; the person your team can look to when they need motivation and inspiration.


In our teams eyes we are the hero and we must deliver.

  • We are the one to listen to teammates when they are not having a great day.
  • We are the one to stay late to help the team finish a project.
  • We are the one to take that tough call from the escalated client.

It’s not easy being the hero, but when we look at it through that lens, it’s so much easier. I have more energy. I prepare every day to, “Be the hero” for my team.


How do you approach each day? Do you look at your job as a burden, or as an opportunity to help and be the Hero?


If you need help in growing your leadership skills so you can be the hero for your teams we would be glad to help.


Bryan Thompson is a co-founder at friendsTED.


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