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Fried Training Talk- Error Driven Learning

Published: Friday, March 26, 2021



In my part of the world, Spring made a real appearance this week. Rays of sunshine melted snow. Interiors of unprotected cars roasted. It was beautiful.

During these precious early days of Spring, I (like most of you) worked.

I got caught up in what my colleague likes to call “A Training Emergency”.

I ended up facilitating an Organizational Orientation session for 3 people who did not speak English (through an interpreter).


I had success developing an automatic interaction in Storyline that will help me on several projects going forward.

I attended a workshop with Ethan Edwards that gave me an idea to create a different interaction in Storyline.

The week felt like a success, until I was assisting a trainee to get set up for an ELearning course & realized with everything going on this week I forgot to enter her information into the back end of the system.

It’s a 5 minute process to get someone in the system. It wasn’t a big deal to anyone, except me. I hate making foreseeable errors of omission.

Blame it on the Spring? I don’t think so. Blame it on the “training emergency”? Nah, I had time to get it done.

Will I ever make an error like this again (I hope not)? I certainly learned from it. I put a new reminder in outlook to keep it from happening.

In a week filled with positives, a mistake drove my most impactful learning this week.

What about you, what drove your learning this week?

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