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Fried Training Talk- Humor Again?

Published: Friday, April 2, 2021

Happy first Friday in April all. It is just about an annual “thing” for me to talk about Humor in developing Learning. Most years I do it right around April 1 for obvious reasons, and no, despite the graphic, this is not an April Fool’s Day post.

Last year, we discussed if it was OK to use humor during a Pandemic (I’ll put the link to that conversation in the comments below) 

This year, I want to talk about a very specific kind of humor: PUNS.

Most people who know me for more than a minute know I play with words on a regular basis (some might even say I am a regular Pundit). I once even started writing a book of puns, but should we really use them when in training?


Generally, I avoid puns in training, because I don’t want to cause unneeded confusion. I have been known to use “punny names”, or even hide a visual pun in an ELearning as an Easter egg, but as a tool I have never employed them as a main part of a Learning Goal.

What about you, would you ever use Puns in Learning?

Anyone have any great success stories of how they used a Pun in training?

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Here is the promised link to last year's discussion on humor:
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