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Delve dive into yourself!

Published: Tuesday, February 20, 2024

6 questions are always raised...

  What are the skills that I have?

  What are my competencies?

  Am I capable enough and am I fit for this job?

  What are my abilities?

  What is the area I must develop for success?

Most of the employees ask themselves these questions regularly, yet they usually don’t get the correct answer.


Sometimes, as an employee, you need to delve into your thoughts, mind, rituals, level of knowledge, and level of experience, which almost raises when you want to make a real change in your way of development.

The more you delve into yourself, the more you will understand where the strengths and weaknesses are. Yet before that, you must know that you don’t search for personality indicators as much as you need a tool to judge the level of each skill, knowledge, and attitude/ability you already have. Hence, this tool can provide and facilitate a tailored learning journey to elevate your KSAs.

I do believe that some personality indications such as MBTI, DISC, and Weave could perfectly help, yet they; at the end of the day; provide analytics report and advice, which is perfect to deeply know about your personality as well as let others know you more.

Since the employee has to recognize his/her character from both sides; psychological and professional. Furthermore, the employee must get the know-how to elevate his/her current level and make a realistic benchmark.

I do recommend going through DISC, MBTI, Weave, etc., yet employees must get their continuous improvement plan via assessment tools such Association for Talent Development (ATD). This will let them understand what’s really behind the scenes.

These assessments are not only getting you on the stage but also articulate a comprehensive route to your success in the business through providing an inclusive learning journey to elevate yourself in business.

I do recommend a visit to: TD Capability Model at

These frameworks are not only for the human resources and learning and development people, but also for everyone in any industry who wants to authentically provide a better #business life for his/her workplace.

Take a step forward and move on to craft who are you in the business world.

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