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Skill Set Resources: Coaching w/Cultural Sensitivity

Published: Tuesday, October 11, 2022

We are a plastics manufacturing company located in Omaha, Nebraska and we employ just over 1,000 team members.  Many of our team members are from other countries and speak many different languages and work side-by-side on the production floor.  As you can imagine, that can present some communication challenges at times.

One of our leaders on the production floor is seeking some additional development in the area of coaching.  She writes, "One of the things that I have been working on since I started was the multi-faceted component of bridging cultural gaps between people. What I’m ultimately looking for is the skill set to meet someone from another culture within their cultural framework in order to adequately coach them on how to interact with someone from another culture. Sometimes, even though I can see the perspectives of the people from each culture, I struggle with helping them understand one another well enough to effectively communicate. It’s a different level of cultural sensitivity to be able to coach someone from a different culture on how to be sensitive toward someone else of a 3rd culture—and that’s what I’m looking for."

Does anyone have any recommended resources I can guide this leader toward to meet the needs she's requesting? 

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It has been a while since you posted this question, but I figured I would answer anyway. Have her look at Hofstede's Cultural Dimensions, I find it to be a valuable tool when coaching people from different cultures.
Thank you, Milica! I will share this with our team member and with our leadership development team.
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