Conference Recording

Bending the Curve by Meeting the Needs of Modern Learners

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Corporate learning is finding itself increasingly behind the eight ball. This session will explore what high-performing organizations do best when it comes to organizational learning, and how can we become better leaders and advocates of organizational learning. The world of work is ever changing-evidenced by new companies and new job roles appearing that never existed before, five generations in the workforce, Millennials expecting to be in a job for fewer than three years-and the glaring reality is that digital disruption affects every industry. Critical leadership skills are needed to help organizations weather and embrace the next wave of technological impact. The solution revolves around learning inside organizations, increasing the capacity for continuous, lifelong learning. This will allow organizations to bend the learning curve and keep up with accelerating change. The learning challenge is fundamental: We have to be committed to learning, and find new ways to learn faster and more effectively.

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