Best Practices and Practical Tools for Sales Enablement Professionals

Thursday, May 14, 2020

This interactive webcast is specifically for sales enablement professionals who are constantly negotiating with their sales organizations to conduct more training, introduce new tools, and reinforce and coach what has already been implemented. Segments include: • a brief discussion around best practices SNI is seeing across industries and the world within the sales enablement community • an interactive portion based on a real situation that SNI was asked to advise about. It requires participant interaction and will result in a few specific negotiation learning points that participants can use and consider passing on to their teams. • guided discussion around implementing sales, negotiation, or influence training within a sales organization. From how to best do it to how realistic it is to track results, we will cover a lot in a short period of time. Sales enablement professionals will walk away with top-level strategies to consider implementing within their organizations as well as practical tips and tools that can be used within their role and possibly passed on.

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