DEMO: Size Matters Why You Need to Incorporate Microlearning Into Your L&D Strategy

Monday, May 18, 2020

The concept of microlearning, presenting learning in small bites (two to four minutes long) with the focus on meeting a specific learning objective, is nothing new. But the need for it has been amplified by the current crisis we’re facing. During this democast we’ll talk about the science behind microlearning. You’ll learn why our brains are so receptive to receiving information in small, digestible bites and the essential ingredients to a microlearning strategy. Finally, we’ll introduce Spekit, a microlearning platform designed to make it easy for companies of any size to adopt microlearning strategies that boost the retention and adoption of knowledge. During this democast, attendees will: -Learn the science behind microlearning and why presenting information in small, digestible bites improves retention and comprehension. -Discuss the essential elements of microlearning: size, context, and reinforcement. -Learn how any company of any size can begin incorporating microlearning in their L&D strategy.

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