DEMO: The Future of Workplace Learning in a Remote World

Thursday, May 28, 2020

Today, the average midmarket company uses more than 30 SaaS applications. Despite the benefits that come with technology, properly onboarding and training your team on these tools and everchanging processes leads to stress, confusion, and fatigue. The shift to remote work only exacerbated this challenge with: -Forty-one percent of managers noticing a higher gap in knowledge retention since going remote -Thirty percent of managers recognizing an increase in employee questions resulting from confusion due to frequent changes -Seventy-one percent of employees saying they spend an hour a day looking for answers In a world where productivity equals revenue, empowering your team with the answers and resources they need, when and where they need it, has never been more crucial. In this session, we’ll discuss: -The challenges that come with training and onboarding your team in a remote environment -The definition of digital enablement and how can it be incorporated into your learning strategy to drive productivity, reduce onboarding time, and empower your team -How the best L&D teams are using Spekit’s digital enablement platform to reinforce crucial knowledge at every touchpoint in the employee journey

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