Conference Recording

From Content Creation to Content Curation: An Emerging Critical Role (SU109)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Internet is a terrific knowledge repository. The sheer size of the content stored on the web is unimaginable. And within organizational intranets, the amount of available content is similarly impressive. But is it any good? Is it the right content for the right purpose? Is it up-to-date and understandable? These questions are all about content curation: focusing on the accuracy, relevance, usefulness, and value of knowledge assets. Increasingly, you will be asked these questions as your organization tries to tame its content explosion. How will you get your arms around this, and why is it so important? These questions will be answered during this session, including what this all means for instructional designers and the learning and development profession, as we become less focused on finding more content and instead making sure we have the right content. In this session, you will be introduced to content curation and strategies for assuring your content is curated appropriately.

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