Go With It: Embrace the Unexpected to Drive Change

Monday, June 12, 2017

We can all be innovative—every day. Innovation is a learned behavior, and improvisation is your guide. Many meaningful innovations are actually a series of small steps, which come from ordinary people working together in extraordinary ways. That’s where improv is the model for behavioral innovation. This webcast will provide clear techniques for creating more collaborative, innovative interactions, use case studies and exercises to show how to change behavior, and give you a fresh way to consider developing talent for innovative behavior and outcomes. Improvisers play, think upside down, and brainstorm more efficiently. Leveraging these behaviors in organizations propels people and ideas forward. Our choices about how we interact, live, question, play, and think are the building blocks to every innovation we could ever hope for —and if we want more and better innovation, we can try new or different choices. We’ll explore four large categories from improvisation that lead to behavioral innovation and effective change management: prepare, play, think upside down, and manage change. Each of those categories is critical to putting on a good improv show—and each is critical to driving better organizational performance. You will learn: - four core principles of improvisation that exist in high-performing teams - three behavioral skills that support effective change management and innovation - how to improve brainstorming - how to apply improv to change management and innovation.

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