How to Leverage the Capability Model for You and Your Team

Thursday, July 15, 2021

The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated digital transformation and the future of work. L&D stepped in to help organizations pivot to new realities and, in the process, gained a seat at the proverbial table. The future challenges organizations will face will require depth and agility from L&D. Is your team ready to meet it? Does your team have the right skills and capabilities to meet the demands? L&D managers and leaders need to build team skills to increase productivity and effectiveness. By using a research-based framework, ATD’s Talent Development Capability Model, and a new 180-degree assessment process (employee self-assessment and manager assessment of the employee), organizations can quickly and consistently gain insight into where a team can grow and where to prioritize skill development that will bring the biggest impact to an organization. During this session you will learn how to: - Benchmark your teams’ skills against a research-based framework. - Create a plan to prioritize skill development for the L&D function. - Use a profile of your team’s strengths and weaknesses to create a learning roadmap. - Use trends in L&D skill proficiency to leverage the effectiveness of your team.

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