Conference Recording

Improvisational Innovation: Small Behaviors for Big Change (SU217)

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Companies desperately need to reinvest in their people to turn the tide on innovation and productivity. Shiny new technology can do a great deal, but it is the people that provide the key factors for change and growth. This session is about using improv skills to drive innovation. Improvisers play, think upside down, and brainstorm more efficiently. Leveraging these behaviors in organizations propels people and ideas forward. Our choices about how we interact, live, question, play, and think are the building blocks to every innovation we could ever hope for. If we want more and better innovation, we can try new or different choices. In this session, we'll explore three large categories from improvisation that lead to behavioral innovation: play, thinking upside down, and innovation's front end. Each is critical to putting on a good improv show, and each is critical to driving innovative behaviors.

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