Key Components of Building a Successful Internal Coaching Program

Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Building coaching programs and coaching cultures within organizations is an increasing trend. The effect that coaching has on employee engagement, job satisfaction, productivity, and retention is profound. The future of coaching is moving beyond just transactional to more transformational by building internal capabilities and capacity. This webcast builds on the “Building the Case and Demonstrating the Impact of Internal Coaching Programs” webcast held in November 2019. You’ve gotten the greenlight to start an internal coaching program. Now what? Where do you start? What’s your plan? What’s your budget? What program framework and processes do you need? How many coaches will you need? How will you recruit them? How will you select and train them? How soon can you start offering coaching services? During this webcast we will discuss the next steps to building a coaching program, which will focus on establishing a program strategy, plan, and vision; mapping a program framework and processes; and recruiting, selecting, training, and onboarding coaches.

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