Listen Up! Improv-ing Your Listening Skills

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Everyone from senior organizational leaders to salespeople to spouses knows that listening is a key skill necessary for understanding issues, uncovering needs, and building successful relationships. But what does it really mean to listen well? How can we grow our listening “muscles” rather than just talk about listening? How can we exercise that muscle so we notice more, understand more deeply, and engage with more curiosity? Luckily for us, improvisers have answers to these questions. Improv is the listening gym. In this session, we will: - Test our listening skills. - Distinguish "listening as a friend” from “listening as a foe.” - Define multidimensional listening. - Explore listening as a relationship-building and problem-solving tool. Be sure to join us for this interactive webcast on improv-ing your listening skills.

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