Microlearning as Learning Reinforcement

Friday, May 14, 2021

According to a Bersin by Deloitte report, the typical employee devotes only about 1% of his time to professional development. What this means is that in a 40-hour work week, we devote less than 24 minutes to anything resembling learning. This is the small space of time we must work with, and this is where microlearning has your back. Use Microlearning as Your Training Disrupter Using microlearning as performance support and learning reinforcement to scaffold learning after a training event takes place, helps strengthen the learning connections. Microlearning can help you take training that is stuck in the mud and disrupt the training process—in a good way. What this Means for L&D Today's modern workforce has grown up with knowledge at their fingertips, and the need for structured training is diminishing. This rapid learning demand requires L&D to become more flexible and sharply focused on delivering short bursts of right-sized scaffolded support. It's the smart L&D practitioner who will take advantage of microlearning to disrupt learning in their organizations. Join our webinar on May 14 where we will: -Identify the traits of effective microlearning content. -Discover how to deconstruct current macro content into micro-sized nuggets. -Debunk microlearning myths. -Share examples of microlearning tools and application.

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