Performance Consulting What It Is and How to Get Started

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Each year, learning and HR solutions are implemented with minimal performance change or impact. This is because performance improvement requires the implementation of multiple solutions—single solutions, such as learning, rarely result in the desired performance change. Performance consulting is a process designed to achieve business results by maximizing the performance of people and organizations. But what do people who work as performance consultants actually do? How is this different from more traditional approaches to talent development? And how do talent development professionals successfully adopt this methodology? In this webcast, Dana Robinson and Chris Adams will answer these questions. After participating, you will be able to: - Define performance consulting and why it is a strategic—not tactical—process. - Describe the two components of the mental model used by performance consultants when they discuss requests for learning and other solutions. - Ask powerful questions when responding to a learning solution request. - Identify three proven practices for transitioning to a performance consulting approach.

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Love Dana Robinson her book was and still confuse to be a resource and like a mentor in my profession! Thank you Dana!
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