Protecting Your Learning and Development Budget in Difficult Times

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many business executives, including JPMorgan Chase’s Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, predict the global economy will be in a recession for the rest of 2020 and perhaps even into 2021. Consequently, many organizational leaders will conduct top-to-bottom reviews of programs in an attempt to cut budgets and save money. Organizational leaders must perceive L&D as an investment and not a cost. Are you prepared to show how your major programs drive the business in this new post-pandemic world? Implementing the seven actions outlined below can safeguard your budgets during and after this time of uncertainty. Actions to Take Now This webcast focuses on seven things you can do to protect your L&D budget. 1. Measure the impact and perhaps ROI of a major program now. 2. Ensure that virtual learning is effective. 3. Update your measurement and evaluation strategy. 4. Design future programs to deliver results. 5. Capture more executive-friendly reaction measures. 6. Be prepared to forecast the impact and ROI of a major initiative. 7. Share the joy of delivering and measuring business results. This interactive webcast will explore each of these strategies and provide tips and tools to use them so that when the crisis ends, and we face a new normal, your budget is protected and learning can thrive, even in a downturn.ObjectivesAfter attending this session, participants should be able to:1. Identify the five levels of outcomes for any L&D program. 2. Describe what types of data executives want to see from L&D. 3. Explain 10 of the 12 steps in the ROI methodology. 4. Name five key elements of an evaluation strategy. 5. List three ways to make reaction data more executive friendly. 6. Describe how an ROI forecast is developed.

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