Conference Recording

TalentNext 2018: Panel on Creating Leadership Development Opportunities for Women

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Moderated by management guru, Katy Tynan, Emily Chang, Mia Mulrennan, and Wendy Walsh discuss why women trying to advance their careers can face numerous obstacles, from pay disparities to a lack of meaningful networking opportunities to being assigned "office housework" instead of career-advancing projects. These obstacles can trip even the most motivated women on their way up the corporate ladder. What actions can talent management professionals take to reshape their organization's policies and practices so there are more leadership opportunities for women? In this session, the moderator will present a brief overview of the challenges women face when moving into a leadership role. Then our three expert panelists will describe their own career journeys, including the obstacles they have experienced and how they overcame them, the hard and soft skills that have made them successful, and how they developed these skills. The moderator will guide the panelists through a discussion of what works and what doesn't when creating leadership development opportunities for women, and how to assess which strategies will work best at your organization.

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