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Thursday, February 20, 2020

Speak for Yourself Do you yearn for a book to disambiguate words and phrases commonly used in business settings, your workplace, and in life in general? Do you wish the kimono would open on idioms and clichés that stretch the bandwidth of understanding and make you wonder if your career is scalable? What are you really saying when you go against the grain and are aboveboard? What do you hear when your colleague wants face time or to move the needle? The BS Dictionary: Uncovering the Origins and True Meanings of Business Speak provides the real-world definitions to about 300 of the world's most commonly-used business terms and gives you the origin story (who coined the term? when did it start to be used figuratively in the business world?) for each one. Get the language clarity you need and have fun learning the full etymology of favorite phrases. Read humorous commentary about how phrases might be misused or misunderstood. If you are interested in language, business speak, writing, and trivia knowledge, this book is for you! Get The BS Dictionary and impress your friends with your newfound wealth of phrases and their history. About the Authors Bob Wiltfong is a public relations expert, content specialist, and coach. An Emmy- and Peabody-award-winning storyteller, he has expertise in journalism, video production, and on-camera hosting and performing. Bob resides in Ponte Vedra, Florida. Timothy Ito is currently a vice president at the Association for Talent Development, overseeing the content and digital marketing division of the organization. Previous to ATD, he ran the content marketing group for ASCD, including oversight of the business and revenue strategy for ASCD's digital properties. Tim's career has also included stints at America Online and Netscape as the product and strategy lead for AOL e-commerce in careers and real estate and running the business operations for Netscape Japan and the Netscape International channels. Tim is a former senior editor and producer at AltaVista and and was a reporter and writer for U.S. News & World Report magazine. He began his professional career teaching English at a Japanese high school in Tokyo, Japan.

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This book is now on my list. Reminds me of how much I love the dystopian novel, Station Eleven. There's a great bit of dialogue toward the end that nicely captures today's ridiculously absurd business-speak.
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This video is REALLY well done! I just wish it offered closed-captioning...
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I love this, as I'm always been fascinated with language. Such a great idea to write a book about this.
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