The Neuroscience of Effective Teams

Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Teams are the foundation of every successful organization. Effective teams can drive innovation, productivity, and efficiency. Dysfunctional teams, however, are far less productive and often lead to conflict. Team performance has a direct impact on business outcomes and the bottom line. Unfortunately, many organizations struggle to build effective teams, and the recent shift to a more hybrid, remote workforce has created a new set of challenges as teams have grown more dispersed, digital, and dynamic. Understanding the neuroscience of teams can help organizations overcome the challenges of increasing team performance, building more effective teams, and improving team performance. This webinar will explore the dynamics of effective teams from a social neuroscience perspective with a focus on motivation, cooperation, and decision making. This webinar features three of the leading researchers in social psychology participating in a live panel discussion on the neuroscience of effective teams. During this event, you will learn how: - Teams shape feelings, beliefs, and behaviors - In-groups and out-groups affect team dynamics - Implicit biases affect team performance - To identify and manage toxic team members - To ask for help and drive collaboration - To build better, more effective teams

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