The Power of Dialogue

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Progress in technology is leading us to regress in language. Conversations in the workplace and elsewhere are often marked by misunderstanding and confusion, resulting in lost time, rework, damaged relationships, and wasted resources. Skillful use of dialogue can result in more effective and more efficient communication, relationships, and results. If you want to communicate clearly, candidly, and with care, this webcast will reveal seven components of dialogue and the language that supports each one: - Focus: Identify your desired outcome for any conversation or meeting. - Listen: Create a space that supports your attention to others. - Question: Design and incorporate questions that promote fuller, richer conversations. - Reveal: Share your thinking to increase a common understanding. - Challenge: Come from a place of curiosity, and encourage perspective taking. - Negotiate: Collaborate to create solutions that stick. - Commit: Clarify next steps and follow up to ensure progress. Take part in this lively webcast to dig deeper into the benefits and challenges of dialogue and how to make this practice an important part of your toolkit.

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