Tim Slade and Bianca Woods Answer Your Questions About Visual Design for E-Learning

Monday, March 29, 2021

In this video, Tim Slade and Bianca Woods answer questions about visual design for e-learning.

Questions answered in this video:
-“What tips can you share for selecting fonts and colors for my e-learning courses?” (2:19)
-“How can you follow your company’s brand guidelines without all your e-learning courses looking exactly the same?” (5:04)
-“How do you keep your e-learning courses looking visually consistent when you have multiple developers?” (8:39)
-“What are the most common e-learning visual design mistakes that I should avoid?” (11:47)
-"What are the most important visual design considerations when designing for accessibility?” (15:23)
-“What are your top visual design tips for increasing and retaining learner engagement in an e-learning course?” (20:23)

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I understand that instructional designers need to be aware of visual and user interface design, however, I have always found it best to employ a UI/UX designer as a partner to work on the e-learning product.
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