Why Your Learners Need Space and Time: A 'How-to' Improve Learning and Retention (TU312)

Do you ever greet someone new only to forget his name a few moments later? Or run to the grocery store only to leave without the very item that prompted that trip? Sometimes our brain 'drops' information as it moves from immediate memory, to working memory, to long-term memory. If that's true in our everyday lives, it's all the more true in training. This session will explore the concept of 'spacing' out training, the science of how spacing enhances learning, and how to use spacing methods immediately in your work. Experience spacing techniques for yourself and create your own action plan to build space before, during, and after your next training. In this session, you'll also catch many of the speaker's famous Creative Training Techniques® as they are modeled before your eyes. You'll also leave with the tools and a plan to help people learn twice as much in half the time.

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