Resources for Virtual Training Design and Facilitation

ATD has curated several resources to help you design and deliver effective training to a remote workforce. And you’ll find courses you can take to deepen your skills on this important work.

The Coronavirus outbreak has organizations evaluating their ability to deliver training virtually. From design to delivery, we're here to help.

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Effective Virtual Training: A Road Map to Success

In this interactive webcast, you will learn the three critical components to every successful virtual training program.


Optimizing Your Leadership Development Program During the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Good leadership is needed now more than ever to keep business moving forward and emerge strongly from the current challenge.

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Make Virtual Training a Success

It takes more than technology to effectively launch virtual training; a culture change also is necessary.

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Advanced Virtual Training: 20 Master Strategies

Join the speakers, two master virtual facilitators with more than 30 years of live online training experience between them, to learn 20 master strategies to advance your virtual classroom.

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7 Ways to Nurture Emotional Engagement in the Virtual Classroom

The training function has an obligation to recognize these emotions, and facilitators can improve virtual training experiences by addressing them in their delivery approach.

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5 Ways to Open an Interactive Virtual Class

Here are five quick tips to help you set the stage for an interactive virtual class.

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Meeting Human Needs in the Virtual Classroom

Training participants often log into our virtual classrooms ready to passively observe a monologue. It's up to us to create the kind of learning environment that shifts them from passive to active learners.

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Convert Your Classroom Training to Virtual Training

Make your classroom training content virtual-ready by following three simple steps and avoiding three common mistakes.

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Trends in Virtual Training: What's Now? What's New? What's Next?

Learn what's new in virtual training and five important trends influencing it. You'll also be introduced to research on current and future trends.

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3 Keys to Getting Learners More Engaged

While new, modernized learning strategies are discussed frequently, they fall by the wayside too often and are all for naught if we fail to properly integrate them into our learning programs.

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Virtual Classroom Icebreakers Job Aid

This job aid contains three icebreaker activities you can use to kick off your next virtual classroom training session.

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The Extra-Prepared Virtual Facilitator and Producer Checklist Job Aid

This checklist is designed to help virtual facilitators and producers prepare for an event in the way a world-class athlete would prepare for one.

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How to Prepare Talent Development Pros for COVID-19

How should talent development professionals and leaders prepare for a national crisis like COVID-19?

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5 Ways to Amplify Your Ability With Agility

Improvising is easier when our affairs are in order, regardless of the circumstances acting in the present with confidence and resourcefulness in the moment matters.

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Demonstrating Your Leadership in Difficult Times

We’re living in a new world. Nearly everyone is working remotely and those whose jobs typically revolve around travel have been grounded.

Remote Working
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Remote Teams Need Real Communication

There are endless reasons a manager may reach out, which means how and in what ways you communicate will vary.

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Hacks to Stay Productive, Motivated, and Connected When Working From Home

Communication, organization, and planning are key to staying productive when working from home. Many of us are looking for tips for making the transition with minimal disruption.

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4 Ways to Build a Great Company Culture for Remote Workers

When all employees pull together, distance doesn't matter. Hit these four notes to strengthen your company's remote culture.

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ATD 2019 Session – How to Be a Great Remote Teammate

Do you have the skills you need---not just to get your work done, but also to be seen as a great remote teammate? In this session, you will learn the attributes of great remote teams, their leaders, and individual contributors. (Locked)

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Is Your Team or Organization Remote-Work Ready?

Today we are witnessing the significant rise of the remote workplace. Learn how to effectively manage remote teams to stay relevant and excel in the workplace of the future.

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The Remote Boss

Your entire team works from home. You do, too. What's the best way to manage a virtual team?

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4 Characteristics of the Best Virtual Employees

Virtual employees are on an honor system, more or less. As a manager, you need to trust that you are hiring people who work when they are supposed to work.

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How to Fully Embed Virtuality in the Workplace for Success

The world of work is an ever-changing environment. One of the changes sweeping nearly all workplaces and industries is the move toward virtual work.

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ACCEL at Managing Remotely

As we enter what’s being considered as the new normal, it’s important for managers and leaders to develop an effective structure around their abilities to virtually manage their direct reports. Here are some guidelines based on ATD's ACCEL management model.

Books & Publications
ATD Education Programs on Virtual Training Design and Facilitation
  • Certificate Program: Designing Virtual Training Certificate
    Learn to successfully design virtual instructor-led training programs that establish learner engagement, incorporate collaborative activities, and enable you to create effective instructional materials.
  • Certificate Program: Facilitating Virtual Training Certificate
    Advance your skills in delivering effective and engaging synchronous (live and online) training. Learn techniques to engage your remote participants, and take your online-training sessions to the next level.
  • On-Demand: Designing Content for Virtual Training
    Discover how to apply instructional design techniques and processes specifically to materials for a virtual classroom in this on demand course.
  • On-Demand: Developing Activities for Virtual Training
    Discover the opportunities for engagement available in virtual training platforms and explore ideas for virtual training activities in this on demand course.
  • On-Demand: Preparing Participants for Virtual Training
    Explore the specific challenges participants may experience in a virtual class and how to mitigate them in this on demand course.