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LearnNow Workshops

ATD LearnNow Workshops are intensive, day-and-a-half events providing more experiential focus on specific, trending topics in talent development. Each workshop is specifically designed to address leading-edge topics in talent development and provides traditional classroom learning along with the opportunity to collaborate with your peers. You’ll develop plans, prototypes, tools and templates, and practical application frameworks that you can put into practice as soon as you return to the office.




LearnNow: Developing the High-Performance ManagerLEARNNOW: DEVELOPING THE HIGH-PERFORMANCE MANAGER

July 20-21 | Arlington, VA
ATD’s LearnNow: Developing the High-Performance Manager workshop utilizes the ACCEL framework to teach managers the fundamentals of effective leadership including accountability, communication, collaboration, engagement, and listening and assessing. Learn more.



July 27-28 | Chicago, IL
The ATD LearnNow: Design Thinking workshop will show you how to shift to a human-centered instructional design approach by leveraging the tools and techniques found in the discipline of product design. Learn more.


LearnNow: Design for Behavior ChangeLEARNNOW: DESIGN FOR BEHAVIOR CHANGE

August 17-18 | San Francisco, CA
Change that sticks is often a challenge because there is an inherent neurological aspect to habit formation. Julie Dirksen will take your training design to the next level by tapping into the psychology of behavior change. Learn more.


September 7-8 | Alexandria, VA
Learn how to develop self-awareness in yourself and others to achieve positive impact and lasting behavioral change. Learn more.



September 20-21 | Chicago, IL
Learning games are popular and effective, but how do you design one? Karl Kapp and Sharon Boller, learning technologies experts, will walk you through a six-step process for designing a learning game. Learn more.


LearnNow: Getting Started With Augmented and Virtual RealityLEARNNOW: GETTING STARTED WITH AUGMENTED AND VIRTUAL REALITY

September 28-29 | Atlanta, GA
Augmented and virtual reality training is the wave of the future. This LearnNow workshop will give you hands-on experience with these new technologies, and help you develop an action plan for incorporating them into your learning design. Learn more.


October 5-6 | Alexandria, VA
Onboarding programs can sometime leave new employees feeling inadequately acclimated to the company culture, without understanding of their expectations, and disengaged. This can lead to high turnover, low productivity, and wasted resources. This LearnNow workshop will help managers create a structured process, applicable to all levels, for onboarding employees from the first phone all the way through the first anniversary. Learn more.


October 19-20 | San Francisco, CA
Learn about the neuroscience of motivation, attention, memory, and insight; discover how stress affects learning and strategies to build resilience; and create a plan to optimize your training to maximize recall and enhance retention and memory. Learn more.

LearnNow: Brain-Based LearningLEARNNOW: MINDFULNESS

November 2-3 | San Francisco, CA
Learn practical ways to integrate mindfulness into your daily tasks and challenges for improved workplace productivity and well-being. Leave with a deeper understanding of the benefits of mindfulness at work and the ability to present a compelling business case for introducing mindfulness to your organization. Learn more.

LearnNow: Designing for the Modern LearnerLEARNNOW: DESIGNING FOR THE MODERN LEARNER

November 14-15 | Austin, TX
Many organizations struggle with outdated training methods that are no longer effective across multiple generations of learners. At the ATD LearnNow: Designing for the Modern Learner two-day workshop, learning and development (L&D) professionals will learn how to turn an existing training program into a modern learning program that will keep their companies and their own L&D organization relevant in today’s talent marketplace. Learn more.


December 5-6 | Austin, TX
Still a new concept in talent development and adult learning, the flipped classroom methodology helps maximize face time with learners by integrating the best of classroom learning with self-directed, learner-generated activities. Learn more.


December 7-8 | New York, NY
Organizational change is not easy but it is necessary to remain relevant to dynamic market conditions. Learn The Five Milestones for Rapid Results During Change Management, a proprietary, proven model to help you develop change agents within your organization. Learn more.

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