ATD’s Senior Leader Offerings
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As a senior leader in the learning and development field, you’re challenged with the need to innovate, demonstrate your function’s ROI, and integrate L&D practices with other lines of business.

You’re not alone. Gain perspective, insight and guidance from people who have already faced and overcome similar challenges with ATD’s executive network, designed exclusively for Talent Development professionals at the senior manager level or higher.

ATD's Senior Leader Level Offerings

ATD Forum

The ATD Forum is an exclusive organizational membership for senior talent development leaders, managers, and strategists. Members benefit from the ability to benchmark and network with a diverse mix of award-winning organizations. As an added benefit, this group is vendor-, marketing-, and consultant free. All discussions are hosted in a confidential environment.


The CTDO Next network is an exclusive individual membership for executive-level learning leaders focused on shaping what’s next in talent development. Leaders explore these topics and their implications and determine necessary changes through a think-tank approach.

Not sure which senior leader membership is right for you?
View this helpful guide to assist you in determining whether ATD Forum or CTDO Next is best for you and your organization.