Capability Model | Enterprise Skills Gap Assessment
Get a Clear View of Your Team's Skill Sets

Introducing the Enterprise Skills Gap Assessment—The Association for Talent Development's Newest Offering for Talent Development Organizations.

Through a proprietary assessment that pulls aggregated data about your team’s strengths and weaknesses, this assessment provides a baseline for your team’s current talent development proficiency.

With new insight into illuminated development areas and your team’s untapped strengths, you can create a plan to increase your team’s impact and meet your organization’s goals.

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Support for Your Full Organization
  • Resources for Learning Leaders
    Learning leaders get aggregated data on skill strengths and development areas across the entire organization and by company-defined filters (such as role, business unit, or location) to get segmented views of the data and find trends and opportunities. Leaders can use this data to inform decisions about team planning, organization structure, and development.
  • Resources for Managers
    Managers have fresh insight into the strengths and skill gaps for individuals on their teams, which can help them facilitate conversations with team members to align role expectations with performance and prioritize the next steps for individual development.

    Managers also get aggregate reports for their full team’s current ability, allowing them to find trends in skill strengths and identify common skill gaps. Where there are skill gaps, managers can assign learning resources and make informed decisions about development opportunities.
  • Resources for Individuals
    After completing the self-assessment, individuals will be able to engage with their managers in career development conversations based on their ratings in each of the capabilities. Individuals will be empowered to create a learning plan to help them achieve their development goals.
Hear How One Member Has Used the Assessment Tool
Watch our recorded webinar Case Study: Upskilling Your Team Using the Talent Development Capability Model™ to hear how Whole Foods used the model, the self-assessment feature, and ATD resources to empower its team members and advance skill sets.
Grounded in the Talent Development Capability Model
The Enterprise Skills Gap Assessment is grounded in the Talent Development Capability Model, a research-backed framework identifying the knowledge and skills talent development professionals need for success.

Browse the 23 capabilities of the Talent Development Capability Model, take your self-assessment, and create a learning plan.


Download a quick reference for all the definitions of the capabilities in the model, tools for how to use the model, and more.

Watch our webcast replay to learn more about the research that drove the new model, what is included in it, and how you can use it for yourself and your organization.