ATD Skill Tracker

Compare your skills against the ATD Competency Model
Welcome to the ATD Skill Tracker
This self-assessment tool is based on The ATD Competency Model.™ This model defines the skills and knowledge required for talent development professionals to be successful now and in the future by:

  • defining the latest competencies needed for success across the entire talent development spectrum
  • providing a professional development road map for six different talent development specializations, including:
    • instructional designer
    • training specialist
    • learning manager
    • HR/OD professional
    • performance consultant
  • advanced practitioner.
  • identifying skills gaps and ways to close them that align with individual goals.
    When you start your assessment, please be sure to select the career track that is most relevant for you.

To access the ATD Practice Tests for the CPLP and APTD credentials, start an assessment below and select ATD Practice Tests on the top of the screen. Go here for detailed instructions on using the ATD Practice Tests.