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Talent Development for Good Award

Talent Development for Good Award

We are looking for pioneers who changed people’s lives for the better in 2022. Every person and organization had to pivot and make significant changes due to the pandemic. Some organizations created transformational change in service to others. That’s who this award is for, and we want to hear from you!

The Talent Development for Good Award is given in recognition of organizations that leveraged talent development to make significant contributions to improve the lives of others, changed an industry or community for the better, or served society in a powerful way. The inaugural TD for Good Award was presented in 2021 to University Health.

Organizations must demonstrate through their actions and evidence of measurable results that what they did—and may continue to do—is improving the human condition, is something that others can learn from their actions, and is sustainable over time. (Please note how this award differs from the ATD Innovation Award, which is given in recognition of an innovation that has a measurable impact on an organization or audience, moves the talent development industry forward.)

This award is for organizations or entities that have a talent development function to apply for. Elected officials are not eligible.

  • Entities must have 10 or more full time employees in order to apply.
  • You do not need to be an ATD member to apply.
  • NOTE for Vendors and Suppliers: Vendors and suppliers may apply for the ATD Talent Development for Good Award under one of these two parameters:
  1. The application reflects the talent development culture and initiatives within the supplier/vendor organization.
  2. The vendor/supplier partners with a client organization and submits an application under the client organization’s name.
  • Applications open in October.
  • Submit your entry through our online awards portal.
  • The deadline to apply is December 22, 2022.
Frequently Asked Questions
Due to needing to move all our training programs to virtual, we transitioned all our courses over to an e-learning platform. Should we apply for the Talent Development for Good Award?
Unfortunately, no. This is not the aim of the Talent Development for Good Award. While that is a great accomplishment that came out of moving to an all-virtual environment, we're looking for powerful and dynamic transformational change stories. Such as, a custom fabrication company shifted from making their usual products to producing PPE face shields for healthcare workers, putting their talent to work and contributing to the service of others.
In the wake of recent racial injustice movements, our organization provided our education for free to society on racism in America. Would something like this make for a good entry?
Yes, this would be a good example of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) organizational efforts to create transformational change in service to others.
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