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Learn More About the Research
Dive into the book, Capabilities for Talent Development for a deeper look on the model, the research that backs it, and the capabilities talent development professionals need to succeed today.
Get the Comprehensive Body of Knowledge
The Talent Development Body of Knowledge (TDBoK™) is the first-ever, comprehensive collection of concepts, definitions, methodologies, and examples covering the 23 Capability Areas identified in the Talent Development Capability Model. It is the definitive resource for the talent development profession.
Learn More With Our Blog Series
The Talent Development Capability Model blog series presents key findings from our research, introduces the three domains of practice, and takes a look at each of the 23 capabilities.

Ready for ATD's New Capability Model?

For more than 75 years, an important part of ATD’s work has been to establish standards of excellence for our profession through our competency research. Best practices and expectations for the field...

Talent Development Capabilities Are Getting Personal

As the pace of technological and societal change grows ever more rapid, organizations and industries have been investigating the meaning of the future of work. ATD too has been sifting through the...

New Capability Model Is a Blueprint for Talent Development Professionals

Through its competency studies over the last 40 years, ATD has helped define what training, learning, and talent development professionals need to know and do to be successful. Amid a constantly...

Talent Development Fuels Organizational Capability

The new ATD Capability Model identifies three domains of practice, each equally important within the scope of what talent development professionals need to know and do to be successful today and in...

The Talent Development Capability Model Is Here

Over the past several weeks, ATD has shared details about the new standard for talent development professionals. Built on comprehensive research into the role of TD professionals, the Talent...

Effective Communication Is a Vital Capability for TD Pros

The Association for Talent Development (ATD) is making a bold shift with the new Talent Development Capability Model. ATD is shifting from competency to capability and broadening the model’s focus to...

Technology Application Is a Vital Capability for TD Professionals

Within the dynamic universe of learning platforms and technologies, where exciting new capabilities forever beckon talent development professionals, surely the wisest purchasing advice is also the...

Talent Strategy and Management Is a Vital Capability for TD Professionals

With the release of its new Talent Development Capability Model, the Association for Talent Development serves TD professionals with the most comprehensive compilation of skills, concepts, and...

Access Translated Definitions
Download the Talent Development Capability Model definitions in Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, or Spanish.

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